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If you’ve ever wondered how a certain website always shows up on the top page of search engines; you my friend, are intrigued by the captivating world of Search engine optimization. We at 77 Digital know just the right tools which can be used to make your website rank higher on Google and give you the online visibility and exposure you always dreamt of. Its time to take your business to the next level with our best digital marketing services in Melbourne.

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Why choose us!

  • SEO expertise and ability to tackle diverse SEO scenarios
  • Experience of working with clients across industries
  • Customized solution backed by solid processes
    Real time strategies to combat changing Search Engine algorithms
  • Strict adherence to White Hat SEO practices
  • User friendly reporting structure with metrics to enable decision making

Tailor-Made SEO Strategy for Clients

SEO is not about getting on top every SERP page every time it is to do with showing on top of the relevant SERP whenever a potential client searches for your product/service.

We take a step further and we evaluate the specific market needs for our clients business and try to come up with suitable solutions that add value to our and help them retain and grow their organic traffic through SEO.

Knowing the target audiences’ needs is the first step in this process, we take the help of our research team in gathering the data that will help us formulate the problem and build a strong solution and then we realise these solutions in terms of mobile apps or web apps.

We first begin analysing the content of your site and how has it been performing over the days from our various SEO tools and then draw a picture of your website in terms of its rankings, keyword opportunities, current backlinks and we also do a competitor analysis to help the client understand where they stand in currently in the market

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At 77 Digital, we strongly believe that the Best Marketing doesn’t feel like Marketing. We would like our client testimonials to speak for our work ethics and deliverability